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The basic files' sizes that we work with for the multy coloured print (offset or digital) are - TIFF, EPS and PDF. In the shaded offset print the vectors images are very convenient (especially EPS). If there are bitmaps in your projects you could save them in TIFF and they should be black and white or grayscale. Colourful models RGB and CMYK almost don't have no general with the shaded print.

Also we accept CorelDraw (version 12) and Adobe Illustrator (to CS2) files, but most of the times there are some problems with them. If it is possible try not to give us textes, which aren't converted in curves, because there is no guarantee that we have the characters that you have been used.

Preparation of the file for print


The files should be with size of the project bigger with 5 mm from each side from the size of the wished pad. For example, for a standard pad (182x222 mm), the project should be with size 192x232 mm.

Save the file in CMYK format with resolution minimum 225 dpi.

Covert all characters in curves.

It is desirable, the important information (phone numbers, addreses, names..) to be at least 5 mm from the knife.

In case you don't have ready project, we can help you creating it. You should provide us  pictures, logos, text, everything necessary. You can rely that the desidn will be special and individual, depending to your needs. We guarantee the precision and the good quality of the project and the end product.


The execute of the orders starts after advance payment of 50% of the final amount of the order. The rest of the amount should be payed right before the receiving of the articles or in the same time. The payment can be cash or bank transfer.


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